Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Latest 8-track finds

I've picked up three over the past week or so, all of them because of their physical appearance. (Music to look at, rather than listen to!)

First up, a copy of Pye's "12 Chartbusters Vol 8". It matches the LP volume 17, since for some reason Pye decided to start numbering the tapes from volume 1 again, following the release of number 9. The key thing about this cartridge is, it has a green shell. Previously I knew only of white-shell editions:

The next one is a copy of "12 Tops" volume 19 on the Damont Records label. A similar situation, but the other way around - I knew of green-shell editions, but discovered and bought this white one. (At least, it was white when new!):

And lastly, perhaps the most interesting of the lot, is a cartridge called "Sounds Like Shearing". I don't know who's on this, or what it sounds like - although the reference to (George) Shearing is a clue. This one I purchased just for the label on the front:

Look familiar? This is an image from the same photo shoot as two much more common albums - namely "Revived 45s" volume 2 (1971) and "Top of the Pops" volume 50 (1976). I wonder who the model is?...

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