Saturday, March 2, 2013

Top Twelve LP on Top Six label

Before the UK covers series got going properly in 1967, there was a short-lived series of releases on the Top Six label, better known of course as an EP outlet. The EPs were of course Bill Wellings' project, and it is fascinating to see him launch a parallel album series in 1964, three years ahead of his mfp work. I recently picked up a copy of volume 2 of the LP series. Here it is:

Although the albums were called Top Twelve, the label was still called Top Six, as per the EPs. In the event only four albums would appear, all in 1964, after which the EPs still continued apace. In each case, the LPs are compilations of the latest two EPs - so the LP pictured above (volume 2) contains the songs from the Top Six EPs, number 3 and 4.

Now to find the other three LPs...

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