Monday, March 11, 2013

Top 6 EPs

My latest bargain find was the pair of EPs pictured below. These are installments in the short-lived Top 6 series, which ran to just seven EPs (not counting an additional four called Top 4 - the same, but with two tracks dropped from each). At the beginning of 1964, Top 6 was superseded by Top Six - with "Six" spelled out, and distribution by Pye, and the rest, as they say, is history.

These earlier discs were made and sold by Bill Wellings. Each is significant in its way, the first (T 6505) being the final one with the original Top 6 label design, and the second (T 6507) being the last of the pre-Pye discography. The track listings are given below the scans.

No prizes for spotting the deliberate mistake - the scans show the two records in each other's sleeve. Oops!

 T 6505 (side 1)
She Loves You
Bad To Me
I'm Telling You Now

 T 6505 (side 2) 
It's All In The Game
I'll Never Get Over You
In Summer

 T 6507 (side 1)
I'll Keep You Satisfied
Sugar And Spice
You Were Made For Me

T 6507 (side 2)
Don't Talk To Him
Memphis Tennessee
Fools Rush In

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