Thursday, February 7, 2013

Record Collector solves riddle of mfp "Penny Lane"

The latest edition of the UK Record Collector magazine is hot off the press (No 411, Feb 2013), and includes a feature on session singer Tony Steven, dwelling in particular on his involvement in the recording of "Penny Lane" for mfp's Hits '67. Of course, many people think the track (and possibly others) was sung by an aspiring David Jones, better known as Mr Bowie. Not so, as RC reveals...

The article is well worth a read, both for the detail surrounding Tony's sessions and the "Penny Lane" track in particular, and for its biographical detail. Tony cut his covers teeth on the EP market, recording for the Cannon-Crossbow-Rocket family of labels. He's also been featured on a recent CD of cover versions, many of which were cut for the Avenue label (see here).

Nice to see him getting some recognition - and nice to see RC take an interest too. There have been suggestions for years that they might run something about the Top of the Pops series, but so far nothing has emerged, except the odd notice about the prices the LPs are fetching on Ebay. So this makes a welcome move, and its good to finally lay that Bowie rumour to rest!

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