Monday, January 7, 2013

Copycat ... er ... Covers - part 1

A short while ago I featured some self-produced CD inserts from Top of the Pops collector, Frank McDonald. Frank has assembled his own compilation albums from the LP series, and one, a Diana Ross / Supremes collection, consisted of a double CD, with the Top of the Pops tracks joined by recordings from the LP below:

This Australian LP has cover art which might look familiar to UK collectors; it uses the same photo as was used on "World Top 12" volume 42:

This got me thinking about LP cover artwork which has been recycled on other LP sleeves or, in some cases, where albums have different images from the same photo shoot. This post is part 1 of what might become an ongoing series (please send me more examples, folks) and focuses entirely on the Flag label's "World Top 12" series, as duplicated or imitated in the UK and around the world...

The Neil Diamond LP above is a UK release on the Boulevard label.

Both LPs above use the colour-distorted artwork from "World Top 12" volume 36. "Cash Box" is from Brazil, while "Soft Rock" is another UK release on Boulevard.


Above is another of the Brazilian "Cash Box" LPs. The Boulevard album, "Operatic Favourites" shows the model with hat on, and makes it possible to identify the photo on "Ritmos De Cuba" (an LP from Spain) as one from the same shoot as on "World Top 12", thanks mainly to the presence of the drum.

Above: Another UK Boulevard album.

The LP above, "L'Avventura" is a French album of cover versions although without hearing it, I have not been able to match it up with any UK LP release.

And lastly, "Cocktails For Two" is a Dutch LP on the Ariola label.

Part 2 of this post will follow soon, looking at different UK album series, and overseas releases with equivalent artwork...

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