Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Top of the Poppers in Brazil

Of all the countries known to have issued Top of the Pops records, Brazil is one of the most tantalisingly elusive. Until yesterday, I knew of just one Poppers record from that country, although I suspect there are many more waiting to be discovered.

By chance, I spotted the album below on the internet. I don't have a copy, just these pictures. As you will see, the back cover is only a partial image, which I have overlaid onto a greyed-out copy of the front cover, to give an idea of scale.

The album, Motortown Hits, was released in the UK in 1970, as a sort of fore-runner to the Top of the Poppers Sing & Play album series. All the songs were taken from the main Top of the Pops LPs, and of course all were originally hits for Motown artists (or Motortown, as stated here - Motown was, after all, a rival label). This is the original UK release:

Whereas the UK original remains tactfully silent on the original hit artists, the Brazilian release - on the Premier record label - makes no bones about it, blazing names like Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye and Smokey Robinson across the back cover. They're also named on the front too, in the red tear-out panel which obliterates the Hallmark logo, and is headed "Os Grandes Successos Dos Genios Da Motortown", or, "The Big Hits of Motortown's Geniuses".

Apart from what can be gleaned from these photos, I don't know a great deal more about this Brazilian release. I do know that the same label issued their own take on the Sing & Play The Beatles album, and I assume that, like in the UK, the Motortown collection came out first. Anyway - below are some images of their Beatles tribute LP...

As ever, any information from collectors would be most welcome!

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