Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Parade of Pops volume 4

As any collector will tell you, finding those Parade of Pops cassettes on Chevron is no easy task. All of them are rare, some extremely so - and so I was really pleased to add a copy of volume 4 to my own collection, thanks to long-time collector and blog contributor, Declan. It so happens that this was the only Parade of Pops I had when I was a child, and so it has particular significance for me, acting as my introduction to songs I still like today, such as "Forever Autumn". Here are some scans:

This was only the fourth album in this series, and is one of the cassette-only releases, which accounts for its particular scarcity. Moreover, the first few in the series contained tracks only available here, whereas the later editions shared the bulk of their material with "Top of the Pops". So these recordings are not often heard, and with that in mind, here are a couple of tracks taken from the cassette:

Forever Autumn.mp3



  1. Just listened to the cover version of Forever Autumn, it is surprisingly good. Regards Frank

  2. Yeah, there are some genuinely good recordings on these albums, dotted among the more dodgy ones! If you listen to them as just cover versions, many of them stand up well on their own. But if you think of them as attempts to exactly replicate the orignials, they will always fail, because that's just impossible - and it leads many casual listeners to dismiss the whole genre, quite unfairly. I still love this version of "Forever Autumn" - just as good as the hit version to me.