Monday, October 15, 2012

Hergestellt in England: Zwolf Tops

Excuse the ham-fisted German in the title of this post. The subject matter here is a German LP (no surprise) which goes by the paradoxical name, Made In England (which it isn't). Here it is:

I picked this up at the weekend for £1, little suspecting that it contained a selection of tracks plucked from the familiar UK series, 12 Tops. Research (ie, flogging Google for all it's worth) has shown that this LP is one of a series of at least ten from Germany - West Germany to be precise - all of them compiled from the 12 Tops series. This, as the cover says, is instalment number 2. Nice graphics on the back, too.

This particular edition has seven tracks from 12 Tops volume 2, with which it must be contemporary, plus five from a special US edition which was prepared at the same time, and which adds to the international flavour of this album. These are the two source LPs:

As they (possibly) say in Germany: ausgezeichnete mein Freund.

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