Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pye Chartbusters - rare bottomless edition turns up

Collectors will be familiar with Pye's notorious Chartbusters volume 1, which featured a topless cover photo of model Nicola Austin. Much less well-known is that Pye manufactured another version of the sleeve, probably in response to complaints from the public and/or retailers reluctant to display the topless version. The two editions are pictrued below:

The edition pictured top, which I will call the "bottomless" one, turned up for sale on Ebay recently - a rare thing in itself. The seller helpfully included photos of the back of the sleeve and the labels, which appear in all respects the same as the topless version - except for the photo of course.

The model on the "bottomless" version is not known at present, but the imagery is hard to miss; Pye are clearly having their own protest here, featuring a model with nothing at all below the neck - just the head is visible, as if severed from the body. I think we get the point!

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