Sunday, August 26, 2012

Todays Hits EP

I picked this one up at a car boot sale in Sussex, earlier today, for the sum of 30p. It's a four-track EP called "Todays Hits" and is one of at least three issued in the same series.

The tracks, as you might guess from the cover art, come from the LP series, "12 Tops", and all four of these are from "12 Tops volume 27" (March 1975). You can see a credit for Damont Records on the back of the sleeve - the firm behind the "12 Tops" recordings.

LISTEN: Click the link to hear to the track, "Girls", from this EP: Todays Hits Girls.mp3

This is the original LP all four tracks on the EP are taken from...

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  1. You did well to get that for 30p! Another one of the EPs from this series is currently listed on eBay, the seller asking £9.99!